• Ivo Visic

You are resilient and adaptable

We have so many narratives in our world.

Narratives about our bodies and what they are capable of. We are given diagnoses and labels that have some pretty bad connotations.

How many times have you heard from well-meaning professionals that "Your back is so weak" or "You have these *insert finding here* on your xray, that's not good." We have all heard those - stories about how weak and vulnerable our bodies are.

Pain is a complex experience and is influenced by many factors that range from physical injury healing times and the context of your injury - an toe banged on a step is generally less sore on a holiday in the Maldives than when you are under a deadline at work. Pain is a product of the brain and the many inputs it receives.

I am a physiotherapist, and you would think I am more immune to these narratives. I walked the Camino de Santiago 3 years ago and traversed 800km on foot with a backpack. I could still hear whispers in my head about my scoliosis, my leg lengths being different and my very flat feet and my capability to get through 20-30km a day. From my research I knew that these are actually poorly associated with pain. Did I feel sore in my feet some days? For sure - a normal response to a new movement routine. Did my back feel sore? It was a surprise for me as I sometimes have a niggly back, but not even a little.

We are amazingly resilient and our bodies are capable of more than we give them credit for. Trust your body and keep on moving.

We all could use a little guidance along the way.

See your local physiotherapist who will co-facilitate your return to activities you love doing.

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